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[All] Moodle1819 is now the current Moodle.
par Moodle Jedi, jeudi 23 août 2018, 11:44
You can now get to the current Moodle (1819) by entering "" in your browser's address bar. 

You can also edit your Moodle bookmark to do the same. The animated ​GIF ​in this blog post shows the steps. This was done in the Google Chrome browser, but the steps should be very...

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[All] Portal Upgrade, Moodle
par Moodle Jedi, lundi 25 juin 2018, 09:02

Hello Everyone,

The Portal has been updated and the integration with Moodle restored. You should be able to log in without issue. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jedidiah - Moodle Admin