| Sunday, February 17, 2019 |
Global event

Admitted Student Open House I

12:00 PM
A visit program for admitted students and their families. Guests will arrive on campus and attend sessions, open houses, and class visits all over campus. Families arrive on Sunday afternoon and depart Monday afternoon. Visiting students have the option to stay overnight on campus with a Beloit College student host.
This event will be held 3 times: February 17-18, March 24-25, and April 14-15.
Global event

Venture Night

5:00 PM
We all know that CELEB is a "professional, cozy, newly renovated space, loaded with technology, equipment, and amenities, that features total access to any Beloit student"; but what exactly what can you do at CELEB?
We have been talking and planning about a whole Semester-long programming filled with innovative events. We need YOUR feedbacks, thoughts, ideas, to enable us to bring back the innovative dynamics to the CELEB Offices and making CELEB actually benefit YOU.
Do you want to hear more about our Spring Program? Do you have any ideas that you have been incubating for so long? Show up! Talk to us! We will do the best we can to find a way and bring your "brainchild" to life!
Global event

AST - Officer Meeting

8:00 PM
Meeting for AST exec officers.