| Monday, April 1, 2019 |
Global event

Beloit Zen Community: Meditation and mindfulness

4:15 PM
Join us for siting and walking meditation, with a Zen focus. Learn how to center yourself, manage stress, and achieve more peace and wisdom in your everyday life. All are welcome. We will provide instruction in mindfulness techniques and practices for beginners, and also for experienced meditators. Roshi Myoyu Susan Andersen, of the Great Plains Zen Center, leads our sessions.
Global event

Emma Goldman & Wang Ruoshui vs. "No Enemies to the Left"

4:30 PM
The anarcha-feminist Emma Goldman was ostracized by the Left for the rest of her life for opposing the Russian Revolution after she was deported to Russia in 1920 and saw events there firsthand. Her critics maintained that there should be "no enemies to the left" and that criticizing the revolution would only break solidarity and help its enemies. The philosopher Wang Ruoshui was purged during the Cultural Revolution and again during the "Anti-Spiritual Pollution" campaign during the early reform era in China for his stance favoring Marxist humanism and his warning that political alienation could occur after the revolution. The charge of his opponents was that humanism is a bourgeois concept and that calls for genuine democracy and humaneness toward all would only undermine the revolution. In this last public talk before his retirement, John Rapp will try to draw lessons from these two great heroes of his for the resistance in our time, both on campus and in the country at large.
Global event

Cultural & Environmental Conservation of Effigy Mounds

7:00 PM
Guest speaker, Albert LeBeau will be providing a cross-disciplinary talk about effigy mound conservation. He will discuss the archaeology, indigenous culture, and future studies of the effigy mounds and the relationship of the mounds to the surrounding landscape & environment. He will show LiDAR imagery of the landscape and a series of stories of his work.
Albert LeBeau works at Iowa's Effigy Mounds National Monument as the Cultural Resource Program manager. LeBeau is an advisory member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and he conducts archaeological investigations in the Midwest.
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