| Monday, April 29, 2019 |
Global event

Chemistry: Professor Erich Uffelman Hyperspectral Imaging

12:30 PM
Guest speaker for CHEM 225/MUST 295 and ARTH 150. Professor Erich Uffelman from Washington and Lee University will speak about hyperspectral imaging of art work. All are welcome!
Global event

Beloit Zen Community: Meditation and mindfulness

4:15 PM
Join us for siting and walking meditation, with a Zen focus. Learn how to center yourself, manage stress, and achieve more peace and wisdom in your everyday life. All are welcome. We will provide instruction in mindfulness techniques and practices for beginners, and also for experienced meditators. Roshi Myoyu Susan Andersen, of the Great Plains Zen Center, leads our sessions.
Global event

Winds & Jazz Concert

7:30 PM
Music Concert featuring two Beloit College ensembles

Wind Ensemble, conducted by Glenn Wilfong
Jazz Band under the direction of John Meyers

No admission charged, donations are accepted at the door.